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Corporate philosophy[edit]

Who We Are

  • ThirdMesh Health Works, founded in 2016 to open new markets and applications for 3D printing of Medical Devices. We are a lean startup that designs, manufactures and sells quality and innovative Medical Devices.


  • Excellence in engineering is paramount. We use skillful, clever and innovative engineering to make our products excel. Our hardware and product design make the ThirdMesh smaller, lighter and simpler to manufacture.


  • At Thirdmesh, we all dream every day about how to solve the biggest problem in healthcare-How to make healthcare accessible in the emerging countries. Everyone is guessing, but we have a mission to make use of 3D printing technology in healthcare. By making 3D printing of medical devices more transparent, we provide actionable 3D printing solutions to deliver healthcare to the most economically challenging places across the world.
  1. To deliver simple solutions in healthcare using 3D printing technology to as many people as possible and not just the top 1%.

Part of the purpose of this Wiki is to act as a platform for versioned manual development, but the wiki will always maintain far more information than the in-program guides and manual could ever provide.