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Using 3D printing technology to bring affordable medical tools to those in need

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At ThirdMesh our goal is to provide the diverse range of healthcare workers with cost-effective, open-source medical tools,
using 3D printing technology which enables’ better care in more places.
Our vision is to deliver simple solutions in healthcare using 3D printing technology to as many people as possible and
not just the top 1%.

ThirdMesh Process

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Prosthesis Limbs Limitations

The devices produced from its designs should be seen as tools and not as fully functional prosthetic devices. They aid in doing simple tasks such as holding a water bottle while holding a snack in the other hand, using two hands to ride a bicycle, or catching a ball. The devices cannot hold more than a few pounds of weight and the grip strength isn't strong enough to play on monkey bars, work bicycle brakes, do handstands, or do similar weight-bearing activities.

Activities of Daily Living Read More

ThirdMesh Projects in Works

Third Mesh Works

Things We Need

ThirdMesh Colloboration

Help Wanted. We welcome Developers to join us, to improve our exciting fields such as: Read our FAQ

  • Contributors Contact to the wiki based on your accumulated knowledge. If you have figured out a feature, please add to our wiki to help other users.
  • Implement more line support for actions. Currently, there are many actions there without command line support, we need to complete this part of the implementation and add the relevant documents.
  • Implement a new robust generating design
  • Feature tweaking and bug fixing for printing
  • Document writers to help to build wiki and user manuals
  • Quality Assurance

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